Blowers & Grafton is a culmination of friendship, shared values, and a deep love and appreciation for the East Coast of Canada.

O U R   S T O R Y 

The captivating story of Blowers & Grafton begins with a charming little Donair and Pizza shop nestled within the vibrant hub of the Halifax waterfront. Here, Blowers & Grafton Co-Founder Josh Robinson combined his passion for food and knack for business to sell mouthwatering Halifax street food to locals and tourists alike.

In 2013 Josh closed his waterfront shop and like many East Coasters, ventured West. After settling in Calgary, he began working in the oil and gas industry where he met CEO & Co-Founder, Samim Aminzadah. Working alongside each other, Josh and Samim soon discovered a shared passion for great food and hospitality. Josh frequently talked passionately about the East Coast, the unique culture of the Maritimes, and the incredible foods he missed so much.

Fueled by his passion for East Coast food and a desire to share a piece of home with the rest of Canada, Josh approached Samim and his brother, Tam, who already owned two other food establishments. Josh shared his idea for a small shop selling East Coast style Donairs, Garlic Fingers, Lobster Rolls, and Clams & Chips that he could not find in Alberta.

Together they set sail on a journey to showcase the vibrant culinary landscape of the East Coast to all Canadians while ensuring the most authentic experience for fellow East Coasters. Their mission was to establish a welcoming restaurant where guests would feel a genuine connection to the food and culture while experiencing first-hand the warmth of East Coast hospitality. Josh was adamant about sourcing the best ingredients from throughout Nova Scotia and the Maritimes. He began building relationships with other passionate Nova Scotians, from fishermen, to craft brewery operators, and even the makers of the Original Donair meat recipe.

In 2017 the first Blowers & Grafton opened in Bridgeland (Calgary). The unique character of their small Bridgeland space greatly influenced the direction and vision of the restaurant and led them to offer a full-service experience serving handcrafted cocktails in addition to a wide selection of beer. There Josh, Samim, and Tam poured their hearts and souls into Blowers & Grafton.

It was during this time that they developed a greater understanding of what creates memorable guest experiences and refined the very definition of East Coast hospitality. The groundwork was laid for the foundation that would shape future Blowers & Grafton restaurants.

O U R   T E A M 

Samim is passionate about the essence of Blowers & Grafton as a truly Canadian concept, deeply rooted in a sense of place. He firmly believes that when people think of Canada, they think of East Coasters. In his role as CEO, Samim places great importance on nurturing a culture of integrity, collaboration, and accountability. He inspires his colleagues and team members to strive for excellence, driving the company’s success.

Having spent the last decade owning and managing diverse hospitality ventures, Samim’s visionary approach and commitment to customer satisfaction have been instrumental in shaping the company’s strategy, ensuring a strong market presence, and enhancing its reputation within the industry.

Driven by an unwavering passion for Halifax street food and East Coast culture, Josh embodies the heart and soul of the Blowers & Grafton brand. With meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of what makes good food, he is devoted to sourcing the highest quality East Coast ingredients from their renowned origins.

Determined to bring the traditional tastes of Halifax and his culture to life, Josh has solidified Blowers & Grafton as a beloved destination taking guests on a flavorful authentic journey to the East Coast.

With a decade of experience in managing and owning successful restaurants, a catering company, and a wedding venue, Tam brings a wealth of operational acumen and keen attention to detail to Blowers & Grafton.

Tam has a strong passion for people and thrives on creating a culture that feels more like a family than a group of workers. He prioritizes the development of leaders within our organization and is a strong believer that equipping talented individuals with the right tools and resources is instrumental in the continuous growth and success of the company.

T H E   H E A R T  O F  B & G

To us, East Coast Hospitality is not just a phrase, but the foundation on which Blowers & Grafton was built.

In true East Coast fashion, we embrace a laid-back and friendly environment where laughter and good times are always encouraged and East Coast Hospitality means fostering an inclusive atmosphere and going the extra mile to ensure our guests have a memorable experience, not only through exceptional food and drinks but through genuine personal connections.

The guys behind B&G have scoured Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island for the highest quality staples only a maritimer would know where to find.

They go the extra mile to immerse your senses and send you on an eastward-bound flavour trip. Whether you’re transported to Peggy’s Cove for Clams & Chips, Halifax for an authentic Donair (no skimping on the sauce here), or the Waterfront sipping on a craft brew from Dartmouth, it’s food and drinks you’ll want to write home about as soon as you get there.

Full of heart in all that we do, we are determined to bring the rich culinary culture of the East Coast, and some of Canada’s most enduring grab-and-go eats, from coast to coast.

We bring you tasteful tributes, genuine flavours, and all the classics. From The OG Halifax Donair and Garlic Fingers to the Mini Lobster Rolls and Chips, it’s all washed down with your choice of craft beer or cocktails.

O U R  C U S T O M E R S  S A Y

Jenn Newman
We drove from Canmore for some late night eats & it was worth the trip for scrumptious food, inviting atmosphere & exceptional service! Wow! Jenna took such great care of our family. Jenna recommended everything that was spot on from Lobster Mac & Cheese, Mussels & Sunday Caesars. Keith the manager also was engaging & kind to care for us along with Jenna for our sons allergy. What an experience. Thank you!
Cassandra R
Allison, Thank you for such a wonderful experience. This was our third time frequenting this location/establishment. The food and service has always been amazing! This was the second time we brought our dog and sat on the patio. The staff remembered her from the first time and continued to ask consent to pet her and say hello. This is so appreciated as a lot of people don't ask. Allison was so upbeat, on point, frequented our table and ensured we were enjoying the experience, food, drinks, etc. Everyone was very pleasant and welcoming. It started to rain so some of the guests on the patio gathered together to share seating and converse. What an awesome time, fun vibe, and great way to meet new people. We highly enjoy this place and the service. Thank you for a great Friday night!
Elton Pang
Best pub in the neighborhood. Live bands on Friday nights. Servers are super attentive regardless how busy the place is and food is amazing. Best fish and chips in the city! A must try!
Maria van der Hoek
From the moment we walked in the door our server, Chloe, made sure we were well taken care of. The food was delicious, the drinks were refreshing and the service was exceptional. Shout out Blowers & Grafton for acheiving something not all restaurants can!
Dustin Quirico
We had an exceptional experience at blowers and grafton this evening! Food was delicious, service was on point and the drinks went down easy! Chloe was an absolute GEM! She was very attentive, had a warm welcoming smile and absolutely made our experience! This kind of service is the reason we will be repeat customers! Killin it Chloe!!!
robin dalrymple
Blowers and Grafton has been amazing every time we ve come here. Staff is super friendly. Tonight SYDNEY was taking care of us she was very personable attentive and friendly to talk to. Deffenetly passing on to everyone that this is a great place to have a great meal with friendly welcoming satff. Thanks SYDNEY you Deffenetly made our evening great.
Julie David
It's always good when we go there