Welcome to Blowers & Grafton – here is where we combine the amazing spirit of Halifax with Calgary’s warm and amazing community. The next chapter of our story has opened its doors into Shawnessy, making us take a leap forward into introducing amazing street food to new guests and showing our commitment to delivering comforting East Coast-inspired street food and all the genuine hospitality that we have promised to show to the heart of South Calgary.

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The Roots of Blowers & Grafton

Have you ever wondered about the story behind the name Blowers & Grafton? There is a little spot in Halifax that we like to call ‘Pizza Corner’ which is located in the intersection of Blowers and Grafton Street. Here is where the rich history of street food comes alive. Our inspiration comes from making a tribute to Haligonians gathering at ‘Pizza Corner’ – we aim to create a hub for our guests to enjoy grab-and-go eats, a fantastic ambience and carefully designed rooms. The best part of this is that and we are not just located in one spot; with our grand opening of our Shawnessy location, we’ve grown to 7 locations to welcome guests from every corner of South Alberta! Our new venture reflects the love and support we’ve received from our community, and we’re thrilled to continue spreading the East Coast vibes across Canada.

From Our Heart To Yours

Blowers & Grafton is not just a restaurant – we are that place that you go to if you want to experience a culinary journey that warms your heart and leaves you always wanting more! It is not just about the food – we promise and deliver to every guest an unforgettable experience:

  • Genuine and Honest Ingredients. Overflowing Passion – We are unique and we know! And it is not reflected just on the menu; on every dish we serve, we infuse our heart, soul and heritage. Imagine the experience of trying or famous Mini Lobster Rolls; the way we have redefined how to make an amazing and crispy Fish & Chips; what about our Original Halifax Donair that brings the taste of our East Coast roots to every experience. Our promise to you is that every bite will be full of uncompromised quality, unforgettable experiences and genuine East Coast flavour.
  • Experience the Maritimes Here in Calgary – Every single decision we make at Blowers & Grafton is filled with passion and purpose; we invite you to step into our maritime inspired atmosphere which promises not just a meal or a dining experience; we deliver a celebration of amazing street food and unforgettable moments. The cozy ambiance, the laughter of friends, and the aroma of East Coast classics in the air – this is what sets Blowers & Grafton apart. And the best part? You can be part of it by booking your reservation now!
  • We Can’t Wait to Welcome You! – Don’t miss your chance of booking your table! Secure a front row seat at a gathering of flavours, a symphony of tastes waiting to be explored. Our promise to you is that our friendly staff will treat you to an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. So, what are you waiting for, friend?

    Book your table, bring your appetite, and let the East Coast charm you at Blowers & Grafton.

Embracing Shawnessy with Open Arms

Did you know? Blowers & Grafton has opened its doors in Shawnessy! This marks a significant milestone in our journey, as we extend the warmth of East Coast hospitality to a vibrant new community in the South of Calgary.

Friends in Shawnessy, you’re not just getting a restaurant; you’re getting a culinary experience infused with genuine ingredients, passion, and the heartwarming ambiance that defines Blowers & Grafton.

Our decision to open a new location in the south of Calgary stems from our belief that great food and warm hospitality should be accessible to all. We’re thrilled to become part of the Shawnessy community and share the flavours that have made Blowers & Grafton a beloved destination.

So, as we unveil this new chapter, we invite you to be part of this new story. Whether you’re a local seeking a new go-to spot or a visitor exploring the area, our Shawnessy location is a culinary haven waiting to be discovered.

Come for the Food, Stay for the Moments

Beyond being a restaurant, we’re a destination where genuine hospitality meets mouthwatering dishes, and where each visit feels like a warm embrace. Booking a reservation isn’t just securing a table; it’s securing a place at a table where laughter flows freely, and where the flavors of the East Coast come together in perfect harmony.

So, why should you come to Blowers & Grafton? For the unbeatable taste of Mini Lobster Rolls, the comfort of the legendary Fish & Chips, and the vibrant atmosphere that feels like home. Come for the warm hospitality, the genuine ingredients, and the promise that every visit is an opportunity to create a cherished memory.

Book your reservation now at Shawnessy, and let’s make your next meal a moment to remember. See you at Blowers & Grafton!


Where did the name Blowers and Grafton come from?

The name pays homage to the iconic ‘Pizza Corner’ in Halifax, a place where the East Coast street food culture comes alive.

How many locations does Blowers and Grafton have?

Blowers & Grafton has expanded to 7 locations, each bringing the East Coast experience to different communities.

What makes Blowers & Grafton unique?

Our uniqueness lies in the genuine hospitality, real ingredients, and a menu that celebrates the flavours of the East Coast and Canada. From classics like Mini Lobster Rolls to our legendary Fish & Chips, every dish tells a story of our passion for great food. And remember, booking a reservation means securing your spot at a table filled with warmth and flavour!